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Welcome to Geeks Corner!

Geeks Corner is the weekly web-show hosted by the geeks of DAPs Magic. It is dedicated to Disney geeks who might also happen to geek out about some other things as well.
Mr. DAPs & BB-8 on Geeks Corner

On October 5, 2010 the first episode of Geeks Corner hit the internet. Since then, Geeks Corner has provided a new episode every week for Disney geeks who also like to geek out about other things. On this first night it was just Mr. DAPs and Johnny 5, since then the team and show has expanded.

Through the years there have been guests, interviews, on location shows, music, puppets, challenges, battles, and more. At the core though, Geeks Corner has always been a place for geeks to come together and geek out in a safe environment where geekiness is celebrated!

Geeks Corner is currently filmed live every Tuesday night at 9:30 pst and then streamed live around the globe.

Geeks Corner continues to be hosted by Mr. DAPs who is joined by Caitie Bear and Cameron Jackson! We invite you to join us!

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Geeks Corner is filmed every week in front of a live audience at DAPs Studios. The geeks can be found on social media at the following places:

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