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Geeks Corner - Season Five

Geeks Corner – Season Five

Geeks Corner was created by Mr. DAPs and Johnny 5 as an online show where they could talk about anything “geeky” that came to mind. The first episode was on October 5, 2010 and have been recording episodes weekly ever since. The show is now hosted by Mr. DAPs, Caitie Bear, and Cameron Jackson with Melanie joining in on occasion.

On the show, geeky topics are discussed frequently. These can include Disney, The Lord of the Rings (or now The Hobbit), Star Wars, Star Trek, video games, technology, movies, and more!

The first season of Geeks Corner ran for an entire year. The second season began with the 53rd episode. The year was deemed to be The Year of the Future by Mr. DAPs and Johnny 5. Throughout the year, the duo had segments and conversations about things from the future. Following seasons focused on different events going on in the world of Geek, with the jumping off point generally being Disney.

There are several reoccurring segments on Geeks Corner. Some of them are used more frequently than others and all have been created by the Geeks Corner team. More segments were created for the second season.

Geeks Corner Segments:

  • Adam Doesn’t Understand
  • Artist Spotlight
  • Character of the Day
  • DAPs Quest
  • Dude Check Out My Site Dot Com
  • Egon’s Noggin
  • Finish that Sentence
  • Great Sci Fi Moments with Mr. DAPs
  • Headlines From the Future
  • If I Were in Charge
  • Letters to Santa from Celebrities
  • Mad Libs
  • Movie Reviews From the Future
  • Words of Wisdom With Murray the Bellhop
  • Yes, That Exists

Occasionally a special show is made in place of Geeks Corner. 2011 brought both The Gloaming Realm and the Geeks Corner Christmas Special to the show. The Gloaming Realm takes reality and turns it on its heel throwing whoever is in it into uncharted waters. The Geeks Corner Christmas Special celebrates the holidays with special guests Ragtime Robert and Santa Claus, among others. Geeks Corner is now filmed in front of a live studio audience. It IS filmed live. What viewers on youtube see is exactly what the studio audience sees. There are no retakes. If something warrants being removed from the show it is replaced with something different. If you have ideas for Geeks Corner, you can contact us via twitter, facebook, youtube, or google+ and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

DAPs Magic

DAPs Magic Mission Statement: To be a family friendly website offering positive Disney and geek information, news, and activities  promoting a mutual love of Disney and geekdom to as many positive Disney fans and geeks as possible.

DAPs Magic Core Values:

  1. Positivity – Coverage will be positive and fair. Critical thinking and critical coverage is acceptable.  Put downs or attacks of any kind are not acceptable. If it isn’t nice, it shouldn’t be said or published.
  2. Magic – All actions should both promote Disney magic and also maintain the integrity of the Disney magic.
  3. Respect – All people should be treated with respect. This includes respecting people’s dignity along with their privacy. This also applies to celebrities.
  4. Family Friendly – All coverage and/or publications of any kind should be family friendly.
  5. Quality – Coverage should be current, accurate, and meet journalistic standards.
  6. IntegrityDAPs Magic will strive to maintain the highest level of integrity in the way it runs every aspect of its website. This includes both honesty in any publication and also ethical and honest behavior by DAPs Magic staff.

A Bit About DAPs Magic:

DAPs was created by a very special group of Disney Annual Passholders and Disney geeks who had a dream for a place on the internet that people young and old could share their love of Walt Disney and his legacies in a safe and fun atmosphere.

We meet in the Disney Theme Parks regularly and consider this a SANCTUARY where people can enjoy sharing ideas, stories, news, trivia, tips and tricks about the Disney Parks or Company.

There are lots of ways to enjoy DAPs. Members can experience the joys of seeing sights in the Disney Theme Parks, learn tips on how to optimize Disney trips to catch the most of favorite Disney attractions, thank amazing Disney Cast Members, or play the Disneyland Trivia No Name Game.

DAPs is also the unofficial home of the Mr. Potato Head Adventures through Disneyland and other Disney Theme Parks. Watch out for his nemesis Darth Tater though as he plots to destroy Mr. Potato Head and destroy the Disney dream and replace it with his evil empire.

Check out DAPs Magic Geeks Corner weekly as it is filmed every Tuesday evening at 9:30 PST and streamed. Join the conversation during the show with the hashtag: #GeeksCorner.

DAPs Magic is for anyone who is a Disney Annual Passholder, Disney fan, or just a geek who wants to have fun geeking out with other geeks. We don’t discriminate! We just ask that you be of positive mind and want to contribute to the positive environment we have created here!


Geeks Corner Supporters:

Geeks Corner supporters are people who have given to help support our fundraising campaign to raise money for a sound system. To support Geeks Corner, go to:

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